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Fish Skin Flatties 4KG

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100% Air-Dried Fish Skins!

The perfect, completely natural, delicious and nutritious dog treats, free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Packed with protein, averaging 87% per treat, our fish skins are incredibly low in fat, and serve as a fantastic source of Omega 3, which helps maintain a dogs joints, skin, coat, eyes as well as aid in weight management.

Medium-sized flatties are typically 18-28cm in length, and are shaped so that dogs can hold the treat with their paws, and enjoy over 15 minutes of chewing!

The larger bulk 4KG Fish Skin Flatties come in a sealed, clear plastic bag rather than the usual kraft treat pouches. This enables easy transfer to your own packaging or loose box selling option.

Nutritional Breakdown

Ingredients: 100% Fish Skin

Analytical Constituents: Moisture: 7.13%, Protein: 87.8%, Fat: 2.56%, Fibre: 1.0%, Ash: 11.7%

Energy: kCal/100g 374

Pack Size: 4KG

Additional Information

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