Wolf Fish Throw Stick

Wolf Fish Skin Throw Sticks 6KG

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Made with Wolf Fish Skin for an Extra Chew!

Throw sticks made with Wolf fish skins, pressed and rolled to add more durability and to provide a texture that helps clean dogs’ teeth.

Wolf fish is very rich in nutrients and proteins, and contains more oils than cod varieties, resulting in higher natural fats.

Tougher giving more chewing time, our wolf fish sticks are approx 20cm in length and are perfectly formed for dogs to hold on to.

The larger bulk 6KG Wolf Fish Throw Sticks come in a sealed, clear plastic bag rather than the usual kraft treat pouches. This enables easy transfer to your own packaging or loose box selling option.

Nutritional Breakdown

Ingredients: 100% Wolf Fish Skin

Analytical Constituents: Moisture: 4,75%, Protein: 90.9%, Fat: 8.66%, Fibre: 0.1%, Ash: 3.06%

Energy: kCal/100g 412

Pack Size: 6KG

Additional Information

Weight 0.38 kg


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